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Crowns and bridges are frequently used to repair and protect badly damaged teeth, or replace missing teeth. A crown is a custom-crafted tooth-like cap (crown) that fits over a damaged tooth to restore strength and function. Thanks to advances in technology, crowns mimic the shape of real teeth and can be color-matched to suit your smile.

Types Of Dental Crowns

Crowns address aesthetic needs, restore tooth function, and enhance the overall health of your mouth. In cases where teeth have large broken-down fillings, a crown can protect and preserve the remaining natural tooth. To enhance your smile a metal-free, a tooth-colored crown can also replace an older metal/porcelain crown. Following root canal therapy, a crown is typically placed over the remaining tooth structure to preserve aesthetics and tooth function. The types of dental crowns are relatively limited today. To learn more about the options available always feel free to talk to one of us.

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth, restore chewing function to the bite, and create an even smile. Permanently fixed in the mouth to replace missing teeth, a bridge consists of two anchoring crowns or dental implants joined in the middle by a pontic (a fake tooth or section of teeth). A conventional fixed bridge consists of crowns that are fixed to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. It uses remaining teeth to support the new artificial tooth or teeth. False teeth are rigidly attached to these crowns. An enamel-bonded bridge uses a metal or porcelain framework to which the artificial teeth are attached. Resin is then used to bond with supporting teeth.

Bridges are extremely durable and made to look as natural as possible, so they can often be color-matched to your existing teeth.

If you have damaged or missing teeth, speak to one of our Dental Crowns & Bridges Specialist in Joliet to see if a crown or bridge can improve your smile.

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