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Pediatric Dentistry Joliet IL. Your child’s dental care determines a large part of their dental health as well as their attitude towards oral hygiene throughout their adult lives.

Whether or not your kids complain about their teeth having problems or pain, it is important to get your children early on in life.

Children’s Dentistry in Joliet at My Smiles prides itself on the fact that it provides services to patients of any age.

It is common for children to be scared of the dentist, but the friendly Children’s Dentistry in Joliet at My Smiles offer a welcoming atmosphere for children and a good experience, and most importantly, a positive relationship with the dentist.

If your child is particularly anxious, nitrous oxide or laughing gas can make the appointment run smoother by helping our dentists to carry out the procedure more efficiently.

It is a gentle way that calms nerves and has no side effects apart from feeling drowsy. It is commonly referred to as laughing gas because patients often get giggles.

Pediatric Dentist

Childhood tooth decay is best prevented through regular check-ups and teeth cleaning with a pediatric dentist in order to avoid these possible effects of missing it:

We encourage building healthy oral hygiene habits early on, meaning you should schedule your child’s first dental visits at about the age of 3.

Pediatric Dentistry Joliet IL at My Smiles offers a comprehensive pediatric service including fluoride treatments, checkups, cleaning, fillings, and orthodontic evaluations for young children.

By booking regular checkups, your child will have a healthy smile.

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